Friday, June 10, 2005

New York Trip

Over the Memorial Day weekend I took the Greyhound up to NYC - always an interesting experience. The man seated next to me appeared to be in his sixties but acted very much like a naive fourteen-year-old. At one point he asked how I got the music into my box (referring to my iPod). I was a little thrown, and since I don't particularly understand the technical details either, just told him the music came from my computer. He appeared to accept this, and asked if I used a wire to connect them. Since that seemed a bit obvious I just nodded. As we approached Manhattan and the skyline came into view my seatmate bounced up and down in his seat, pointing enthusiastically. I'm not so jaded that I don't still feel a thrill at that impossibly long string of buildings, but his excitement was unexpected and a little disconcerting. I hope he had a blast, though.

It continually amazes me how few Washingtonians make the trip to NY. One of my colleagues at work is a native to this area and had never visited until a few years ago. When I attended college in Michigan, we made the trip to Chicago (a three hour drive) at least once or twice a year, usually returning in the same day. And New York! So close! There's no excuse, not when the bus costs less than gas and parking would.

Luckily I had a free place to stay. I tried to pack in as much art as humanly possible, and by the end of the second day was pretty sure I never wanted to see another gallery again. The last day, as an antedote, I went to see "Revenge of the Sith" on Times Square, and was painfully reminded that the world can always use more good art.

Over the weekend I'll post reviews and observations of the shows I visited.


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