Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Bioart, the new terrorist threat

Okay, so this art sounds a bit out there even for me, but is it really a threat to national security? See the article Terror Hysteria Gone Absurdist.

See also Critical Art Ensemble's Biotech Projects.

Haven't had time to look through the site, but it's interesting.

The Corcoran had a show in 2002 called Molecular Invasion. From the press release :

For the Molecular Invasion project, CAE will grow Monsanto RoundUp Ready cash crops (canola, soy, and corn) in experimental and control groups in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition. According to CAE, RoundUp ready crops have already become a super-pest in North America and they continually threaten to contaminate agricultural biodiversity around the world as their sales and distribution increases. CAE’s project provides a model for amateur molecular intervention through the application of a simple pyridoxal compound on the experimental group of plants. If successful, the compound will essentially reverse engineer the genetic modifications made to the plants, thereby making them vulnerable to the crippling effects of RoundUp herbicide.

Is it art? Is it gonzo mad science? I have a biology degree I've never used so I'm fascinated. This has to be the first hardcore overlap of art and science I've seen.


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