Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Holy ground in a landfill?

Another artist frequently discussed by Suzi Gablik is Mierle Laderman Ukeles, who has worked with the Department of Sanitation in NYC for many years. She had started a reclamation project for Fresh Kills landfill when 9/11 happened. Read Leftovers: It’s About Time for Fresh Kills for her thoughts on how the re-opening of Fresh Kills for the 9/11 debris impacts her project.

She writes (in 2002) :
What will happen to all this debris? There will definitely be some kind of memorial for the catastrophe: for the people; for the attack on US soil; for the towers that we feel have been torn out of us. This will be at Ground Zero. But what about the dust at the Fresh Kills Landfill? It's not about the body parts that are found. They'll remove the identifiable fingers and toes, run DNA tests, and return them to families. It's the flying dust that is full of thousands of unfound, incinerated human beings. This will be their graveyard.

Project proposals and planning information are located here.


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