Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"Organizing Artists In A Post-Utopian World"

Interesting post from Noah Simblist at Zero Degrees Art.

An excerpt:
How do American artists see themselves in relation to the rest of the world? Does the war in Iraq and Afghanistan affect this in any way? How are we implicated not just as citizens but also as artists? This war has also increased polarizations beyond the generalities of east and west. It has pushed forward religious and social issues such as concepts of morality and a global idea of feminism. It’s odd to think that both George Bush and Shirin Neshat can speak adamantly about the role of women in Islamic culture. Religion dominated much of the history of western art and it has recently made a resurgence on a cultural level in the US. What reactions do artists have to this? We often take these things for granted, preaching to the converted in art schools, art magazines or panel discussions about the evils of the religious right and the wrong-headedness of warmongers. But how are we as artists affected by the social and political currents of today? And how does our work participate in this larger cultural reality? It’s best for us as artists to talk to each other and see what happens.


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