Friday, July 15, 2005

Tyler Green on Robert Smithson

Modern Art Notes always has great writing. Tyler Green posted a short piece on the Robert Smithson retrospective(currently at the Whitney). Tyler writes:

Smithson was the major early figure of the earthworks movement that redefined art as something that could exist outside an art gallery. Feeling that traditional art media (such as painting) were inadequate for showing work that would last, Smithson made his best art out of steel, mirrors, rock and chalk. For Smithson, 'lasting' was a matter of context: He didn't want his art to share a lifespan with museums, he wanted his work's endurance to be measured against the time frame of geologic processes.
The image below is Smithson's Spiral Jetty from the Whitney website.

Also, Tyler plugged my blog, so he's even more my hero. Thanks Tyler!


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