Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Geek Love

Okay, I just discovered the Site Meter last night, and it makes me happy. I don't know how, but someone in Manchester UK visited The ARTery! It's gone international...

Geek Love is also the title of a truely dark and twisted novel about circus folk.

Just so this post has some art related content : a couple of paintings I enjoy...

Gorky's The Artist and His Mother at the National Gallery. Quote from here.
This painting is a fit companion for Roland Barthes's Camera Lucida; both painting and essay explore a son's rediscovery of his dead mother through a photograph. Gorky found the photograph of him and his mother on which the painting was based after her death. In reworking and reinterpreting the photograph of his childhood self with his then-living mother he invokes her memory.

Gauguin's Paysannes bretonnes (Breton peasant women) at the WebMuseum, Paris. This one is in honor of my aunt, who is flying home to Paris today and who has roots in Brittany.


At 9:56 PM, Blogger Amy said...

I'm even more a nerd. 2 more international visitors - from Spain and Holland. I'm so curious to know how they found the page!


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