Thursday, September 01, 2005

Another way to help

My uncle lives in Baton Rouge and is a security screener at the airport there. Here's his call for help:
As of 12:30 pm today [Thursday] @ the Baton Rouge Airport we are doing twice the number of people we normally would and have no help in site from TSA / DHS [Department of Homeland Securtiy]. No manpower or anything has showed up.

You can help me and US, TSA here. We are going to basically be asked to take up the slack from New Orleans airport. Airlines like Jet Blue and United and South west are going to start operations here. The airlines we have are bringing in bigger planes and adding flights. WE NEED MORE SECURITY SCREENERS IN BATON ROUGE NOW!!!

Please put pressure on TSA and DHS to address this problem head-on before we sub-merge in the human tragedy of people trying to get out of here to somewhere safe where family is. Write or email TSA or your Senators and Congressmen for me and the pitiful 35 people here we have to process 2-3000 passengers per day so far we are asked to handle. We have people sleeping all over our airport. Baton Rouge's population is going to double by next week.

If you want to do something to help in this disaster, please do this for me. Do it for the victims so they can get the hell outta here. Think about 2 hours waiting to get through security with only the clothes on your back left to you. Lucky to even manage to get a booking on a flight. I'm serious. You will make a hell of a difference if you can put pressure on the FEDS to get us some help getting the survivors outta here.
As you've probably seen from the news, the New Orleans airport has been taken over by the rescue efforts and made into a makeshift hospitol. This is one (free) thing you can do. While you're at it, ask your representative why after all the hype of reorganization and funding the Department of Homeland Security, among other federal and local organizations, wasn't better prepared to deal with such a crisis, and why it has taken 4 days to start the relief effort when the news media managed to make it in to the area from the beginning.

Write your Representative.

How to write your congressperson.

Contact TSA.

Contact Department of Homeland Security.


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