Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Eric Deis, an artist based in Vancouver, emailed me with a link to his video work Apartment. It's a short, absorbing piece that reminds me a little of the way David Lynch turns familiar places unrecognizable by a subtle shift in reality.

From the artists statement:

Operating on the borders between fact and fiction, a residential apartment is transformed through a routine dousing of water from sources suggested, known and unknown. Through poetic visual rhythms, and soundscapes, the barriers between the natural and unnatural, and the transcribed and fact, are dissolved.

I would have liked the cuts to be slower, to linger on the surfaces as the water drips and cascades. The piece has gained an added eeriness in the aftermath of Katrina - all of those everyday, mundane household things that make up our lives made strange and threatening by the addition of water.


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