Sunday, September 11, 2005

Bringing the War Home

I know, I know, we're not supposed to be playing the Blame Game (is that a Milton Bradley product??) but these (and this) remind me of Martha Rosler's series Bringing the War Home.

Here's a gallery of Rosler's work. I didn't realize she'd done a new series (2004) of Bringing the War Home works until today. How fitting. I'm not sure the computer animation has the impact of the earlier photocollage, but it's hard to judge on the small screen.

The image is Balloons from Bringing the War Home (1967-72) and is from Rosler's website.

As a complement to the linked images above, read How Bush Blew It, from Newsweek. (nicked from Bat Guano's Brain). Regardless of the failings of local and state government and FEMA, Bush had an obligation as the leader of this country to be aware of what was happening, and to take action when it clearly became necessary. In my opinion this was his worst failing - not only was he completely oblivious to the catastrophe but he failed to be the strong leader he has always claimed to be.


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