Tuesday, September 06, 2005

More on DC artists for Hurricane relief

This might be repetitious, but it's for a good cause. I was outbid for JT Kirkland's great piece, but it's for the best - more money for the relief effort.

Updated list of pieces for sale or auction to benefit various charities at Alexandra Silverthorne's site.

The list at Washington DC Art News.

Two prayers that struck me from James Bailey's 58 Prayers for the Victims of Eastern Airlines Flight 304:
11- I don't have a word to describe what happened. I don't think there is such a word. And if somebody coins such a word I don't think it should be put into the dictionary. I think it would be better to leave that word alone

51- What's wrong with the world is that the world is not wrong. People are, but not the world. The world is always alright, no matter how wrong its people are
Part of a larger post titled The Crash of Eastern Flight 304 Into Lake Pontchartrain.


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