Monday, October 10, 2005

While I was away...

There was apparently alot of rain here in DC, a mudslide in Guatemala and a huge earthquake in Pakistan... the only news source I had access to was oddly enough Fox News, which didn't bother to report on much of anything besides the potential terrorist threat to the NYC subway...

Anyway, catching up. Here's what I've found of interest so far.

Edward Winkleman on art and commerce at the World Trade Center site.

Eyeteeth on some confusion over a commissioned sculpture by Louise Bourgeois.

James Bailey on... Blake Gopnik...well, you have to read it.

Josse Ford on Robert Smithson at the Whitney.

Fire destroys Wallace and Gromit's Aardman Animations sets. Another article here.

Joy Garnett of NEWSgrist sent me a link to the new VisualAIDS blog.
Visual AIDS blog posts will range from exhibition announcements, press releases for events including the Visual AIDS monthly web gallery, the Postcards annual benefit, and relevant articles from online news and blogosphere sources. Posts are generated by staff, board members, friends and colleagues in the arts and health professions, activists, artists and guest bloggers.
Samantha Worlov has redesigned her site. Check it out.


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