Wednesday, November 30, 2005 protest art takes a new form

I have to admit, I'm curious.

Dante's Inferno: A horror movie brings out the zombie vote to protest Bush's war

(via Bat's Brain)

mea culpa

Wow, November really kicked my ass. Had an evil cold, it felt like I was sick half the month. Also, I finished a major long term paper on Rodin. I'll try to post some of the more interesting parts later.

Probably no one left reading...

But in exciting news, I'm going to the Claudel/Rodin show at the Detroit Institute of Arts when I go home for the holiday. Yea!

The image is Camille Claudel's sculpture Vertumnus and Pomona, 1905

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Art After Hours

I'm Alive. Really. Sorry for the radio silence. Hope there are still people out there reading this...

The Hirshhorn will be open after hours tomorrow night, Wednesday November 16th.

Extended hours 7 to 10 pm Meet the Artist: Jim Hodges
7 pm, Ring Auditorium: Hodges will speak about his work, including "don’t be afraid," currently exhibited on the Museum’s façade.

Mingle with friends
Sip a cocktail in a relaxed setting and enjoy extended Museum hours from 7 to 10 pm. Sodas, wine, beer and specialty drinks will be offered. Prices will range from $2.50 to $7.00

Make it a night
Stroll the galleries and take in "Gyroscope," the Hirshhorn’s signature presentation of its renowned collection. Experience our new Black Box, featuring video works by Hiraki Sawa.

7 pm: Museum re-opens (cash bars/lobby and Lerner room, ID required) All galleries open for visitors.
7 – 8:15 pm: Meet the Artist – Jim Hodges (seating first come basis)
7:30 pm: Gallery Talk with Susan Lake, Ann Hamilton's Palimpsest, 1989
8:30 pm: Gallery Talk with Teresia Bush, Leonardo Drew's Untitled (No. 49)
8:45 pm: Gallery Talk with Kelly Gordon, Miguel Angel-Rios, A Morir and Black Box, Hiraki Sawa
9 pm: Meet the Director with Olga Viso, New Acquisitions

Friday, November 04, 2005

Current Events

I'm apparently out of original thought this week. Blame it on lack of sleep, too much Halloween candy, and an unhealthy addiction to playing with The Black Lodge.

From the NYT : Performance Art Gets Its Biennial

Also from the NYT : 'Ecstasy' at Museum of Contemporary Art, LA

Tonight at the Warehouse : "Hey, is that a boy or a girl?" : Artists look at gender ; opening reception 6-10 pm

On Eyeteeth : A Brief Conversation with Robert Storr : interesting comment on political/socially critical art from Storr
I'm also of the view that sometimes people who should be socially active take refuge in art and make art as an alternative to being involved in the sort of nuts and bolts and oftentimes boring business of organizing and voting and demonstrating and doing all that. I think we've been through a period where a lot of people have very sophisticated political ideas based on a whole series of postmodern thinkers but actually they do almost nothing, and they have avoided the full implications of having a political understanding of the world by having such a good rap.