Saturday, January 07, 2006

DC favorites of 2005

Favorite gallery show: Renee Stout at Hemphill. I wasn't familiar with Stout's work until I saw this show, and though some of the pieces seemed awkward, I was seduced. Especially loved her drawings. The mark of a good show to me is if I'm still thinking about it months after it closed, and so many shows I see (and even like at the time) quickly fade. Stout's work stays with me.

Favorite museum collection: well, not too hard to guess. The recent installation of the permanent collection at the Hirshhorn is thoughtful and gorgeous. Posted here about it back in October.

Favorite guerilla art: Yes, Borf. I love Borf, so sue me.

Favorite soon-to-be-ex DC gallery: Fusebox. I just saw it was closing on DC Art News. I loved the Kendall Buster installation. No matter who moves into the space, DC will be less for the loss of this gallery.

Favorite alternative art space: The Warehouse. I hope they continue their local focus in 2006.

Favorite image:Spirit by Joseph Barbaccia. Seen to the left. Thanks for sharing your work with me, Joseph.


At 10:54 AM, Blogger Joseph Barbaccia said...

And thank you, Amy, for sharing images of my work with your readers.


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