Monday, January 02, 2006

Kiki Smith

Over at Eyeteeth (fast becoming one of my favorite blogs) is a few links to interviews with artist Kiki Smith, where Smith discusses the relationship between Catholicism and her art.
But it’s true, you have to live to know what is happening in your neighborhood and in your realm of consciousness. What you’re thinking isn’t particularly unique to what other people are thinking. That’s why you can recognize things from two thousand years ago because it’s not radically different. How you’re thinking about them might have slight variations, but basically everybody has a body and they experience in them very differently, but physiologically there are certain things happening and so it’s no wonder that people think about lots of the same things.
And from another interview linked on Eyeteeth:
Skin is the surface, or boundary line, of the body's limit. The skin is actually this very porous membrane, so on a microscopic level you get into the question of what's inside and what's outside. Things are going through you all the time. You're really very penetrable on the surface, you just have the illusion of a wall between your insides and the outside.


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