Friday, January 06, 2006

more favorites of 2005

Favorite piece of my own writing: my review of Sacred Wild at apexart. It's one of the first things I wrote for this blog and I still like the ideas it generated for me.

Favorite museum show: Basquiat at the Brooklyn Museum. Here's my blog entry, No Mundane Options. Runner-up: Visual Music at the Hirshhorn.

Favorite art writing (published): The American Sublime by Arthur Danto.

Favorite art writing (online): Tyler Green on Shirin Neshat. Technically I don't think it was written in 2005 by it was posted on line in the past year.

Favorite art satire (online): George W. Bush as Performance Artist.

Favorite art satire (television): The Gates on the The Daily Show. Go here to view the video, and a transcript is here. Somebody on the Daily Show's staff sure has read some pretentious art writing to get this skit so right.
Stewart: So, you believe that shrouding these walkways in these orange curtains will somehow change our lives in New York?
Stephen: Oh, it's happening already Jon. Just today I saw an installation artist take a sandwich and ... and wrap it in a paper like substance, almost waxy in texture, and he kept wrapping it, and I'm not doing it justice here, he kept wrapping until he visually achieved 'not-sandwich', then, this is the genius part Jon, at the last minute he cut it in two, in a final act of 're-sandwichment'.
Favorite non-museum art: This art wasn't created in 2005, but that's when I saw it. Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, by Alex Grey.

Favorite Top-Ten list: James Bailey, on DC Art News. Good God, but that man can spill out the words.

Favorite Blog: Eyeteeth. I like the eclectic mix of politics, culture and art.

I could go on forever. I will probably have one or two more, but that's it for now.


At 12:07 PM, Blogger James W. Bailey said...

Dear Amy,

I am but the vessel that carries forth the words given to me by the Lord until such time that I can dictate them to my army of secretaries to be spiritually harmonized and digitally reconciled with the truth and brought forth unto the masses via the Hoodoo majik of the internets! ;)

I have very much enjoyed reading your blog this past year. My favorite that you wrote? Tim Hawkins at Whitney.

It made me want to jump in my car and drive to New York to see it.

I wish you all the best during 2006.


At 12:10 PM, Blogger Amy said...

Thanks James! I've really appreciated your kind words this year. And I love your way with the words the Lord sends you. I remember the first time I saw one of your essays (a review of JT's show, I think) I nearly skipped it, thinking it was just tooooo long... but then I jumped in and read it anyway, and I was hooked.

At 2:43 PM, Blogger Paul Schmelzer said...

Thanks Amy. And Eyeteeth loves you!


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