Friday, March 03, 2006

sorta new site

I'm behind. I've also been meaning to give a shout out to DC area artist Mark Cameron Boyd, who joins the web with his new site

He's also started a blog on art theory : Theory Now. Should be very interesting. Looks like he's got a post up about Sugimoto and conceptualist photography, that I haven't read yet. Check it out.

Sorry it took so long, Mark!


please note that I've changed my email to arteryartery @

love the gmail.


Been meaning to do a write up on the Sugimoto show, which has blown me away. Like I said earlier (I think?) I didn't "get" his work at all until I saw it hanging together in this exhibit. There are so many layers to discover! The sequence of the movie theatres, the buddhas, and the seascapes in particular still gives me shivers to think about.

The last room - the mathematical models, doesn't do as much for me as the earlier work. It's intellectually interesting to see the models and think about the "zen" of math, if you will, but it doesn't grab me at the gut level like the other works do. I feel similar about the dioramas and the wax works, but they tickle me more than the mathematical works.

I just happen to be reading a little book on Buddhism, too (The Wisdom of No Escape), so that might have something to do with why the exhibit has seduced me. A happy convergence.